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Even with you laying beside me I'm alone . My heart feels like it is shattered into a million pieces, My mind has a million thoughts, Alone with my own memories. There isn't something I can pinpoint, No real problems or solutions. Just a heavy heart, And head full of pictures. Alone with my thoughts I lay here for hours on end. Listening to ...


[Flavour] I walk into the cafe, the smell of coffee hits me as soon as i enter. I get comfortable , sitting against the comfy cushions on the bench in the corner. I delight at the art on the wall, bringing a smile to my face. Water is brought across to us, we peruse the ...


I wrote this a few mornings ago, i couldn't sleep.. Subject: Pain Get up at 7.  in pain. Spend the morning listening to the rain. Try and sit and watch tv.  in pain. Down tablets like they are going out of fashion. Lunchtime rolls around.  in pain. Get Jack to put deep heat on my ...

Words… Thoughts… Feelings

Words… Thoughts… Feelings Words escape me, They surround me, yet they hound me, I read them, I write them, I live them, I love them, I hate them, I make them… The words are too much right now, They blind me with a passion. Thoughts chase me, They trace my memories, Lace my life with ...

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