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Stuff i Love Saturday

Goodness me what a week, [STUFF]  Angel had colourthon last weekend, and work inspirations / breakfast club / gymnastics / maths tutoring throughout the week. For Jack it was a […]

Stuff i Love Saturday

Very photo heavy today. Go for walk… Have a breakfast date. Walk more. Get home to find you have taken 500+ photos.. STUFF: Lovely walk to the river & wharf with […]

Stuff i Love Saturday

Stuff i Love Saturday 23-30 April CAUGHT MY EYE: Backpack from Kmart. Some things for Shiploads. Flowers. Things around town (Looking Up at the buildings and the architecture). EATS: Soup. […]

Stuff i Love Saturday

Stuff i Love Saturday April 17 – 23 CAUGHT MY EYE: We took our guest to the airport so took the opportunity on the way home to explore some of […]

Stuff i love Saturday

Stuff i Love Saturday 10-16 April CAUGHT MY EYE: So many photos this week, after not going out for a while, i have had my fill of beautiful places to […]

Stuff i love Saturday

CAUGHT MY EYE:  Not a great deal this week, i did go out for coffee and took some photos of the walk across the park and the coffee shop.  EATS:  […]

Stuff i love Saturday

March 26th 2016 STUFF: Well as luck would have it it’s my birthday today (Saturday) which would be the reason why this post is so late. We ended up going […]

Stuff i love Saturday

STUFF:  A continuation from last week.  Internet connection –  Better than it has been..  Car – Still not going.  Memory keeping – still on going.  READS:  MAKE IT HAPPEN – […]

Stuff i love saturday

STUFF: We have been having slow internet connection for a few months now, a cable that connects tasmania to the mainland is broken, and has been since December. Well yesterday […]

Stuff I Love Saturday…

Reads EVERGREEN: The Story of a Family – Cliff Green. This is my Families life story, the story of those before me. Dedicated to my Grandfather, and written by his brother. […]

Stuff I Love Saturday

Saturday February 27th 2016 Stuff I Love Saturday The weeks are just flying by, and its gotten to that i cant even recall what the day is, hence a day […]

Stuff I Love Saturday

Stuff I Love Saturday Ok so this is now a day late due to the fact that we spent the day in Launceston at the Wooden Boat Rally, and then […]

Stuff I Love Saturday

Stuff I Love Saturday Reads I brought a couple of books from Shiploads a few weeks ago, they are sitting in the Hallway Bookcase, I have been so engrossed in […]

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