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Saturday Stuff…

Ok seriously, slow down week. [CAUGHT MY EYE] Haven't really been anywhere to have anything catch my eye this week, unless you count the many instagram & facebook pages i am on. I have been looking at the Erin Condren Hourly Layout Planner, Some earrings from Nikki Lissoni but that's about all. [EATS]  A couple ...

Stuff i Love Saturday

Goodness me what a week, [STUFF]  Angel had colourthon last weekend, and work inspirations / breakfast club / gymnastics / maths tutoring throughout the week. For Jack it was a Dr's Appointment, and we had a rent inspection, and Angel's Work Inspirations Lunch. I went through the diary for the coming month this morning and ...

Stuff i Love Saturday

Very photo heavy today. Go for walk... Have a breakfast date. Walk more. Get home to find you have taken 500+ photos.. STUFF: Lovely walk to the river & wharf with a breakfast date included this morning, and then a second walk to grab a Yoga Mat for my 28 Workouts (I have managed all of ...

Stuff i Love Saturday

Stuff i Love Saturday 23-30 April CAUGHT MY EYE: Backpack from Kmart. Some things for Shiploads. Flowers. Things around town (Looking Up at the buildings and the architecture). EATS: Soup. ON THIS DAY / BIRTHDAY’S THIS WEEK: Anzac Day (25th) READS / INTERNET: Photography, STUFF: Spent a bit of time taking photos. Working on the ...

Stuff i Love Saturday

Stuff i Love Saturday April 17 - 23 CAUGHT MY EYE: We took our guest to the airport so took the opportunity on the way home to explore some of the little towns along the way. We live in such a beautiful place, and its a wonderful opportunity to explore more of the island. EATS: ...

Stuff i love Saturday

Stuff i Love Saturday 10-16 April CAUGHT MY EYE: So many photos this week, after not going out for a while, i have had my fill of beautiful places to go in the little island state. This is just a few favourites Penny Royal Launceston. EATS: MMMM Chocolate from Anvers. & Fudge from Ashgrove. QVMAG ...

Stuff i love Saturday

CAUGHT MY EYE:  Not a great deal this week, i did go out for coffee and took some photos of the walk across the park and the coffee shop.  EATS:  Croissants yum…  ON THIS DAY / BIRTHDAY’S THIS WEEK:  Jack’s Dad’s Birthday.   READS / INTERNET:  Mostly family history stuff this week.  STUFF:  I am still ...

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