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Tag: Tasmania

On the Agenda // September 2014

Seriously September…. No way!!! how did that happen. It looks like a really Busy month. One Little Word, 30 Days of Me Challenge, MB12WBT, Anniversary: 2 years in Tasmania, Anniversary: Jack and i […]

FMS August 2014

What an amazing month of Memories, from the Snow & cold winter nights without power, To the Beach & the Sunny Days, Eating well, Getting Fit and Meditating. Market Days, […]

todays todo list….

The girls are off to the shops in Burnie this morning & Jacks at work after having a week off with the Flu (and he starts Holidays tomorrow for two […]

July Photo A Day

I have been going through the photos that i have taken so far this month. I am really loving the #fmsphotosaday #littlemomentsapp red + white Love the Red/Burgundy plant against […]

Back in The (To)Day

Friday 13th June, A Full Moon, Two cats jumping around on my bed when I woke up. Then there was this… I had an appointment to have a blood test, […]

4 | TV

view full image “#fatmumslim #fmsphotoaday day4 tv” Thanks, The Instagram Team  

Another day:

Gah, House is a mess. Have straightened some of the lounge up, still the other side to go. Dinning room needs a tidy. Dishes soaking in the sink, benches need re-sorting. Bathroom to be cleaned […]

September: Whats on the agenda.

Better late than never with this post. We made the move over the weekend of September 1st. From Perth Western Australia to Burnie Tasmania. We are stating in a Villa […]

Don’t dream it – be it.

Don’t dream it – be it. Ach! We’ve got to get out of this trap Before this decadence saps our will I’ve got to be strong and try to hang […]