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Tag: Week in the Life – Ali Edwards

Lens of Joy,

So after a big weekend on 14/18, then spending last week playing with my new camera, I was finally able to sit down today and catch up on Ali Edwards […]

Project Life Week 9

it was all about Books in February, with 7 books ordered. Rounding out the Month with the extra day.

Week in the Life

The week has come to a close, lots of photos taken, and memories made. little parts of our life captured on camera. _ How i Feel about the week just […]

Week in the Life i’m in

Over the years i have attempted this, and got to the end with not much to show for it. This year i am waiting on the kit to arrive, and […]

Week in the Life – Day 5

  The view out my window today: no rain today. @ Our Place today:  spent most of day sorting and re-doing blog Blogging about: blogging Q&A a day Question: what […]

Week in the Life – Day 4

  The view out my window today: Rain rain rain… @ Our Place today: felt good  Blogging about: nothing Q&A a day Question: write a phrase to describe your year […]

Week in the Life – Day 1

Week in The Life Day 1 Pop On over to for more information on Week in the Life.  I have done this a couple of times before and its […]