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Week in the Life – Sunday 23rd April 2017

Reflections The week flew by, but then it was kinda slow. I did a series of coffee in the morning shots and selfies I tried to capture Jack & Angel. Gratitudes Grateful for moments of peace, family time, a night chasing aroura's and gazing at the stars with Jack. Eating | Too much junk food.  ...

Week in the Life – Saturday 22nd April 2017

A really quiet day today. Have spent most of the day watching YouTube & Bones. Our cat Mae doing her workout, she uses this more than I do.. Working on my planners. Daily Selfie. She really does love him. The sun shining in this afternoon. I could do with a nap. YES this Love this ...

Week in the Life – Friday 21st April 2017

I used to do these on a Saturday, but since I took so many photos today of various things that fit these categories I thought I would use it today. STUFF // Working in my new planner that jack brought me, I have gotten as far as adding some stickers and adding in January to ...

Week in the Life – Thursday 20th April 2017

8:30am | Doing: Laying in bed, reading Facebook on my phone. Knock on the door, Angel gets up and is told that our dog is out, so she goes and organises her. I really need to sort that shelf out and put that frame somewhere. 9:30am | Eating: chips for breakfast. Watching: studio 10. Doing: with the cat ...

Week in the Life – Wednesday 19th April 2017

Week in the Life - Day 3 - Wednesday 19th April 2017 MORNING: Cup of coffee. Some planning in my Leeanne Baker Daily Planner Selfie of the day... Mum I am hugging her not strangling her... So loving this new Typo Planner and KK stickers Lunch & Dinner..

Week in the Life – Tuesday 18th April 2017

Day Two of Week in the Life. - Tuesday 18th April 2017 A quick Woolworths shop. (Forgot to take a photo). a very photo heavy day.. So much going on today. - Trip to the shops. / Jack got a hair cut. / brought coffee. / lots of tv (watch the Rage special). Jack went on his own little ...

Week in the Life – Monday 17th April 2017

Week in the Life -Day 1 I have done this project in past years, and it's always great to look back on things that you have done in the course of a week. Today on the whole was a pretty quiet day. Monday morning coffee time. Selfie.. I had all of the ideas of using ...

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